Friday, November 28, 2003

I FEEL BLESSED!! BUSH WAS HERE!! He just stayed for three hours, what a shame. Or was it thirteen? .... Whatever .... :) I just came back from the south. This time Tara and Jo came with me, we went to Nasryya through Hilla, Najaf, Diwanyya and Samawa, and an American truck was that near > < to kill us all. It feels strange to be stopped by smiling soldiers coming from Spain (hola hola), Holland (I don’t know what), U.S.A (hello), Italy (ciao), Poland (No Engleeeezi), and another people with strange faces (peep peep prprpr): all of them in one country!! I'm proud of my country :) When the American truck nearly crushed my car no one agreed to stop to see what happened .. I was waving to all the other trucks in the convoy but without any response, so Tara (she's from Canada) thought it's a good idea to inform the Holland check point about what happened, they where very nice and polite to the point that I was surprised! That guy wanted to cry when I told him about the accident! :) then they took pictures for the car and gave me their contact addresses .. I'll call them later to see what can they do........... (new paragraph) ...................... Tara is arrogant a bit, but I can understand why (everyone falls apart after she smiles) :) you should have been there when we were discussing stuff about god and nature and bla bla bla .. "In the west .. man use god to understand the nature. In the east .. man use the nature to understand god" :) don’t you like that? ........................ (another new paragraph) ........................ Ok .. Salam .. I will call your family today to ask about you .. this is getting serious! what happened? are you still alive or not? you were supposed to come back two weeks ago!! Where is Salam!